& ANOTHER is a bit of a nod to the many beautyblogs that nowadays exist. But & ANOTHER is also an other blog. Other than the many already out there.

& ANOTHER is a blog for the woman closest to me: young professional and critical on the go, looking for fair beauty. You probably enjoy life (read as: drink, eat and party) but also want to know what to do to treat your body respectful and to look at your best. I want to inspire you, because just like me you love to show off beauty at your job, but can’t (or want to) wear rainbowcolored eyeshadow between 9 to 5.

& ANOTHER is edited by Linda Bentert.

2 thoughts on “OVER TO ANOTHER

  1. Hi Rolien,

    Ja dank je! Leuk dat pap & mam het je hebben laten zien :-) Iedere maandag, woensdag, vrijdag en zondag komt er een nieuw artikel online dus genoeg nieuws te lezen.


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