My desk drawer is fully equipped with pens, tons of papers and Post-its. But here and there you can find some beauty products in between. In an effort to help you look your best around the clock, I’ve rounded up my essentialist for the must-have beauty products that will work as hard as you do and therefore should not be missing in your desk drawer either.


It’s a luxury being able to bike to the office. This 35 minutes ride helps me clear my mind, and at the same time helps me meet the daily-recommended amount of exercise. There is just one downside: Dutch wind likes to show on your head. No other option than to not really bother your hair leaving the house and save the effort. Take good equipment to the office and work your hair in the ladies’ room.


Deodorants may not be glamorous (then again, neither is sweat), but you’ll be thankful if you stash an extra deo in your desk drawer. Especially after biking to the office or before an important presentation. Nothing worse than the smell of stale sweat, ieew.

No SMINT, no kiss

Generally there is no kissing involved at the office, but when you’re drinking coffee or tea all day or if you just want to tidy up your pearly whites after lunch, keep a few SMINTS on hand.

Hand cream

Busy hands are always hard at work and should be nurtured accordingly. My all-time favorite is this quick absorbing hand balm from Rituals.

Nail file

Nothing (really no-thing) more annoying than a split fingernail and no nail file to fix it. My number one must-have when it comes to troubleshooting beauty issues.

A bottle of water

Office air-conditioning and heating can wreak havoc on hair and skin. Besides feeding them on the outside, the best answer is to moisture from within. Classic trick, but keeping a 1 liter bottle of water everywhere I go (and of course actually drink it), helps me stay saturated all day long.

Something to eat

After four o’clock the great battle begins. In order to protect me from raiding the cookie jar, I open my drawer and look at this nice healthy apple. It’s true: an apple a day keeps the cookie jar doctor away.


As said before: Dutch weather can be rude. The summer is known for its great unexpected showers, and nothing more annoying than enjoying a sandwich in the sun and being surprised with a rain shower that leaves you soaking wet until the bone. Hurray for the umbrella that at least keeps your hair decent.

iPhone charger

Ok, with the best will in the world this cannot really be described as a beauty product. However: is there anything more annoying (apart from a fingernail split) than your phone battery dying during the day!? Especially if you’re expecting important calls or if you’re awaiting a new post on your favorite blog ;-). For a few times now i’ve been unpleasantly surprised with a black screen on my Apple friend, leaving me frustrated and frowning. Frowning can cause wrinkles, so in the end this is a large contributor to my beauty. Praise the lord for iPhone chargers.

What are your must have beauty products at the office? After all, you spend tons of time there, and if there’s one place where you should be on top of your beauty game, it’s at the office. Tell me!




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