After not wearing earrings for almost a decade, I impulsively bought these little teeny tiny earstuds while killing some time waiting for the train to depart (yes really! ). Since then they haven’t left my ears.

Until I was a teenager I only had one little ear-piercing, probably like most of the girls at that age. In puberty I kind of decided that it was time for some rock-and-roll. Just as impulsively as I bought these studs I got a second and third piercing and as if it wasn’t enough I pierced my helix. Can you imagine the look on my mom’s face when I returned home? Whooopsie.

Like most devilment in puberty the preparation of this action and the fact that I actually decided something for myself was worth more than the actual result. So for a few months I spent most of my money on all kinds of ear-jewelry but soon the love was over, leaving me empty eared.

Statement jewelry isn’t always office appropriate, especially if you’re working in healthcare (ever seen a doctor on duty with a statement necklace?!), so instead teeny tiny ear studs like these can never do wrong. As my crush is slowly recurring i’m finding myself the finest samples like these on etsy.com involving small geometric shapes like triangles, lines, crosses or minimalistic studs preferably in silver, copper or rosegold. First shipment is on its way, so hopefully soon I can liberate these ones from their marathon session in my ears.

Do you have all-time-favorite jewelry that never leaves your side?



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