It’s time to let go of the bottle and hit the bar! Well….shampoo bars that is. Solid instead of liquid, 50-80 (!) washes instead of 20, and very eco-friendly since no package is needed. For a few weeks now I moved myself from the bottle to the bar.

This green macaroon-look-a-like from LUSH is my latest companion in the shower. Mark Constantine, co-founder and product inventor at LUSH is the man behind this ingenious product. The wise man is a trichologist so has always been deeply interested in the health of the scalp and hair and that’s why he was so keen on developing this spice market for your head.


The copy in my shower is called squeaky green. A herbal shampoo for stressed out scalps. Besides stimulating rosemary, peppermint and tea tree to cleanse scalp and hair, it contains vanilla and chamomile to sooth the skin of my head.


Admitted: it took me a split second to think of how to use this product. After some experimenting I now know that it works best when I wet the bar, give it a couple of strokes all around my hair/head and then really foam it up to get all the essential oils working. Rinse thoroughly and hellooo fresh hair, soothed scalp and a squeaky clean conscience!


The only downside is the fact that you can’t store in your bathroom (we need a dry, cool place, so definitely not my bathroom).



Imagine: how convenient is a solid shampoo bar when traveling? We all know the HORROR of a leaking liquid in your toiletry. That exists no longer than today! Will definitely bring this in my beauty bag to Ibiza, whoop whoop.


Have you ever tried a solid shampoo bar?



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