How to fake god-given volume

Since the day I started growing my hair, I imagined having long, voluminous, messy hair like Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot. It must have been my childish naïveté to think that this kind of hair comes naturally. Today I know what products to use to kind of, almost equal that hair. Products to fake god given volume.

From the very first moment my dad accepted that his youngest daughter really wasn’t going to turn into his always longed for son, I could start growing my hair. I was twelve years old, by that time :-). Nowadays, fifteen years later, I know how to manage some volume into my straighter than straight  hair.

Prepare yourself
Preparation is key, so it all starts in the shower. Doubting between shampoo for blondes or for volume, I mostly tend to pick the latter. The thing about volume is that it starts at the roots, so try to work these roots upwards. Get your fingers to massage your scalp, making circular motions and softly lift your hair up by doing so. After rinsing your hair, you will notice that the first volume has appeared.

Weight lifting
You can undo all the preparation work by applying a conditioner or hairmask to your roots. So stay away there and only apply at the ends, where your hair needs it most.

Good things from the sea
After this cleansing ritual, I love to add this sea salt texturizing spray from Toni & Guy to the roots of my damp hair. It smells hea-ven-ly and gives my hair a soft rough or stiff texture. Perfect to keep these roots upwards.

Headbanging yeah!
Open Spotify, search for the AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, choose a random song (my favorite is a whole lotta Rosie ) and get in position to headbang. No kidding: flip your head upside down, and get the hairdryer to blow your hair. Because of the heat and the position of your head, the roots of your hair will dry standing up. Look in the mirror and yes, that’s a whole lotta volume. You might look a bit bewildered, but this is where the rounded hairbrush comes in. I only use it for my crown, because these locks are the longest and thus the heaviest, so they can use a bit extra attention.

The real deal
Are you in for the real deal? Like big nineties hair? Try volumizing or texturizing powder like this DUST IT powder from OSIS+. This white powder makes your hair feel SO stiff & rough! Be careful because you easily apply too much and this makes your hair look grey and dull.

Are you in for some volume? Or are you blessed with some god given volume?



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