Spring is officially in full BLOOM, and it’s time to get our fresh spring skin. Here’s my tip to get flawless spring skin!

I love the changing of the seasons, especially when we know warm weather, longer days, and sunshine is on the horizon! I think with the transition of seasons it is really important to get our skin looking it’s best, and prepped for a new season. It’s about shedding the old winter blues and revealing a new glow and shine.


For spring and summer around the corner, your skin is the biggest look for beauty. Healthy, glowing skin. You want to get rid of your matte foundations and powders and trade in for a nice BB cream, tinted moisturizer or foundation with some glow to it. And, if your skin underneath your makeup is in good condition, clear, and glowing- the less coverage or heavy makeup you have to use!


If I’m asked for my skincare secret and what I do to keep my skin looking its best, one of my best kept secrets (which is not really a secret at all, but it sounds cooler to say…) is my skincare routine. And this tool I’ve been using for the past few months in particular. Here’s my tip to get flawless skin!

It all started with the invention of electronic cleansing devices such as the Clarisonic MIA and the Philips Visapure. Beauty chiefs all over the world were beyond excitement and more often than not, the device was stated as a true Holy Grail and essential to everyone’s beauty standard. Let me tell you: when words as Holy Grail and essential are used in one sentence, I’m sold. However, they forgot to tell me that this device costs over €150. So in my Dutch frugality I hunted down a non-electrified face brush for not even €4. Ha!

I know I’m a little late to the game, but so I finally started using a facial cleansing brush a few months ago. With the verdict of the beauty chiefs in the back of my head, about how glow-y their skin looked and how smooth it felt, I couldn’t wait to use one. Aside from a few zits every now and then (which I could probably attribute to my slight affection for chocolate), I’ve luckily never had a serious acne problem.


I’ll be the first to admit that my skin doesn’t even come close to Lupita Nyoung ‘O’s but after a few months now it’s the best it’s looked in a very long time. Pores are tighter and huge break-outs belong to history (knock on wood). Some investigation explains that a face brush allows the dead skin cells to exfoliate quicker, and from that produce more collagen, and gradually, you get tighter skin. Plus, it removes any oil or debris that’s plugging pores and allows skincare to penetrate better.

I found this facial cleansing brush over at Dutch drugstore HEMA and it’s my best friend every night!

Do you use any tools for your skincare? And how do you keep your skin flawless?



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