Office hairdo's

Working over fourty hours a week and juggling other balls like friends, family, sports and me-time requires some creative planning. Have you ever thought of planning your office hairdo? Today I’ll show you my ‘schedule’ of office hairstyles.

 1. Monday

Generally Mondays aren’t the most joyful days of the week. Especially Monday mornings are bastards. To spend as little time as possible on my hair (and hereby extend snoozing time) I wash and style my hair on Sunday evenings. Leaves me this morning to only comb it, and I’m off!
















2. Tuesday

Believe it or not, but I’ve ‘trained’ my hair to not get greasy. Ok, there is no sweat involved and no calories are burnt, but any discipline is required. My bangs do tend to get a bit greasy the second day so I wear it half up. With just a few bobby pins you can create this awesome bow tie of hair. Pretty nice alternative to the classic half up-do.
















3. Wednesday

To wash or not to wash, that’s the question. As I’m training my hair I decide not to. I do need to get rid of the greasiness and my favorite product to use is a dry-shampoo. Instantly gets rid of greasy hair and adds volume on the way. To cover the greasiest parts I sport a top bun.

If you’re not blessed with a head full of thick hair, try using an old (though clean) sock to fill up your bun. Just cut it half, roll it around your ponytail, then slide it downwards tucking your hair in. All the way down, fix it with some bobby pins here and there and congratulations: you’ve fooled the world.
















4. Thursday

I can no longer deny it: my hair needs a fresh start! After a wellness treatment in shampoo and conditioner all is left are perfect basics for a classic low bun. I myself love to wear them a bit messy, since I love some contrast.
















5. Friday

Casual Fridays are the best! While Fridays allow us to wear jeans and sneakers to the office, what better way to accompany it with a side braid? Thick fishtail braids are sporty, elegant and the perfect feminine touch to a rather boy-ish outfit. After the clock hits 5, change the sneakers for heels, add some lipstick and: HELLO WEEKEND!
















What’s your hair schedule? Do you vary a lot or do you have a signature look?


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