What the LBD is to the fashionista, is an OTL (orange tinted lip) for the beautynista. An indisputable musthave for this summer. Throw your fears overboard, take a beauty dare this spring and add a little more color with a statement tangerine lip.

Orange for me?
Ok, I’ll have to admit wearing orange takes some guts and is not suitable for any occasion. However, there are so many shades and formulations to work with, you just have to experiment. Orange can be very versatile, so blondes, brunettes and even redheads: we can all sport a tangerine lip.

Fifty shades of orange
A ‘wrong’ shade can totally screw up your look by making your teeth look more yellow than they really are or making us look +10 years. So proper color-picking is recommended. The best way to determine which shade of orange suits you best, is to take a look at you skins natural undertone. Search your writs for the appearance of veins, if they have a green undertone you’re a warm type, if they tend to be more blue-ish, you’re a coolster. For cool undertones: try light, almost neon bright orange. For our warmer friends: burnt orange tints, almost a bit brown suit you best.

Dress down
When your lips are eyecathers of the day, play down the rest of your face. Keep it simple with clean brows, one coat of mascara and a hint of bronzer.


One way, all the way?
Not really. If you’re used to wearing nude lips all the time, a jump into neon orange might be a bit drastic. In that case, try a tinted lip balm. Oh Orange! from Maybelline is available at almost any drugstore a good starter for the less heroic types.

Trendy Dutchies
With Kingsday coming soon and the World soccer tournament shortly after, there is no reason left for us Dutchies to not wear some orange this summer.  I did my duty and bought this € 4 drugstore lipstick from Catrice called Oh Juicy!

How about you? Do you dare to wear an orange lip? Do you have an orange lipstick in your summer stash yet? What is your summer essential?


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