Schermafbeelding 2014-05-20 om 23.01.09

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-20 om 23.01.09

In the hopes that the sun is here to stay – it can’t possibly start raining again by the end of May?! – here’s my sunscreen speech to anyone who wants to listen. Wherever you are at the beach, bike, boat, slopes, tennis court, rooftop or a shiny red convertible, sunscreen should be your very best accessory.

It’s not sexy, but neither are the burnt skin/sunspots/eye damage/wrinkles/sagging skin/possible skin cancer that comes with not using it. So, for a lifetime of fabulous skin and immediate sunscreen success: find sunscreen products that you actually like using. Because they smell good, feel nice or are just easy to use. Only then you will actually use it. Here’s some inspiration:

  1. Embryolisse – crème solaire. Main reason: doesn’t break me out and feels like an expensive moisturizer. ……Which it actually is, ahum. €18,50
  2. L’oréal – Sublime SunSuper soft, fast absorbing and non-fatty spray formula. Perfect for fast and even application. Although I do seem to lose half of the product while applying it, that might have something to do with my underdeveloped fine motor skills. €17,99
  3. Lancaster – Tan preparing hydrating serumWho knew that besides after sun, you can nowadays find products for tan preparation? This product claims to leave you with a longer lasting and radiant tan. About two weeks before heading for the sun you should make this part of your daily routine, so the product can improve your natural sun adaptation ability and leave you with enviable tanned skin till winter. €32,95
  4. Celine – CL41043/S. Better safe than sorry! Don’t forget your eyes! My mom’s ophthalmologist once told me that wearing ‘fake’ sunglasses are even worse than wearing no glasses at all. In the latter your eyes anticipate on the lack of protection by narrowing the pupil. When wearing fake glasses you actually fool the eye by suggesting that there’s any form of protection so the pupils dilate. In the last occasion the damaging effects can be even bigger. I totally bought this argument since it’s just a very good reason to legitimately overspend on designer shades ;-) €465
  5. When you’re, despite all the effort, left with sunburn as a souvenir, the best way to cool your skin is with a good old yoghurt and cucumber mask. Works like a charm!

Future beauty: the days of carrying bottles of sunscreen could be over, as the world’s first drinkable SPF is launched ! The inventors claim that just a teaspoon will offer three hours with up to factor 30 protection. I imagine myself on a Friday afternoon, sipping wines with some drinkable SPF on the side. Not having to worry about whether or not I will end up like a lobster by the end of the night. Hmmm this really sounds too good to be true.


Are you a true user of sun protection? Or do you end up now and then like a lobster?


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