Attending a conference in Hong Kong, a meeting in London or a mandatory sales straining in the Big Apple. Traveling for work is probably the #1 most preferred job requirement. In most occasions it’s possible to squeeze in some spare shopping time. Doing so: these are your must have beauty buys from around the globe.

As well as making space in your suitcase for your laptop, business cards, suit and highest heels, be sure to stock-up on some of these beauty products that find their roots in foreign climes. Besides availability, price is a pretty good reason to shop overseas. Beauty products are often waaaay cheaper in their place of birth.


From France to the US, many countries across the world are home to cutting-edge beauty finds – a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of creams, lipsticks, shampoos and more. Travelling any time soon? Make sure to add these on your to-do list:



Embryolisse – Lait-crème concentre

We already know why French women don’t get fat, now we know why their skin looks so flawless. Plant extracts preserve skin’s ideal pH, giving your complexion that certain je ne sais quoi. Available at most French pharmacies, this cream is a model skin-saver backstage at the fashion shows and will soothe every skin!



Lady – Speed stick

Claimed by many to be the best deodorant ever. Available in almost any drugstore in the US, this deodorant lasts even through the toughest meetings.


Urban decay – All nighter setting spray

Offered at Sephora, this hidden gem from Urban decay. Urban decay is well known for their worshiped NAKED palettes. But since I’m not that kind of an ‘eye shadow person’, this setting spray got my attention. This super fine mist truly fixes my make-up throughout the day without smudging. Perfect for busy bees, who refuse to touch up their make up during a day.



Pure argan oil

Argan oil is nowadays available in probably every drugstore, but doesn’t it truly add a dimension buying it straight from a farm in the Moroccan desert?!



SACHAJUAN – Hair repair

The Swedes are known for their stunning blondes. They probably get a big assist from SACHAJUAN Hair repair, containing a cocktail of mineral extracts and proteins to protect and restore silky locks. No frills, these are simple products that do what they say on the label: they give you really, really healthy hair. Don’t expect a bargain, Scandinavian prices meet our European standards.



German drugstores are the best! Especially if you’re a do-it-yourself-hair-dyer, get your home hair-color kit at a German drugstore. Saves more than half of the money.


Italy / Spain

KIKO cosmetics

Milano based make-up brand easy available in Spain as well. Since the economic crisis has hit southern Europe hard, prices of this MAC dupe make-up brand have dropped even lower. At least that’s one upside of the financial crisis….


Duty free shopping is another perk of flying around the globe. While killing waiting time before boarding, check out the airport beauty departments for high-end bargains. Oh and lets not forget Switzerland and Dubai for their tax-free shopping policy, whoop whoop!

Happy business traveling and let me know what’s on your wish list!



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