Confession: I’m a sucker for anything Scandinavian. Whether it’s their interiors, fashion, cars (designed completely by women!), beauty or their men: I want it all. This buy from L:A Bruket is the latest exhibit of that.

I don’t know what it is, but everything is so pure, well thought-through and of good quality. Besides that, they sure know how to work the ‘less is more principle’.

So when I bumped into this clean, farmaceutic-looking bottle a few months ago and saw these impossible funky characters on the label I instantly knew I had to deal with something Swedish. SOLD.

Thank God for Google Translate, teaching me that I dealt with Tvål Gurkmynta: a liquid soap that contains a blend of essential oils, cucumber and mint for the energizing effect (right what I need after short nights). Just like my coconut oil, this one shuffles from the sink to the shower and back as it can be used for both hands & body. Note to self: buy more things in duplicates.


The thing I particularly like about this product is its ease to use, in all its aspects. No worries about the ingredients: they’re no-nonsense, all organic, no artificial stabilizers or colors, all essential oils are certified organic and how convenient is a large sized bottle with a pump!

Convinced? I saved the best for last: with & Other Stories (H&M’s luxurious sister) coming to Amsterdam this fall, Scandinavian treats (including L:A Bruket) are within hand reach.

What’s your favorite Scandinavian treat?




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